We aim at offering the finest of Himachal Pradesh in terms of hospitality and travel services. Our vision is to connect with guests directly without having to go through an ocean of online travel portals and agencies.

Himalaya Exploration - An Introduction

Himalaya Exploration was established in July of 2018 with a sole aim of closing in the gap between travelers and actual property owners and service providers. We believe in bridging the connection so strong that all potential travelers to Himachal Pradesh are in direct contact with hoteliers and service providers in the region of their interest.

Today internet is full of travel agencies and so called portals where a premium commission is being charged to clients on grounds of services which are other wise available at fraction of cost charged to them. Himalaya Explorations aims at reducing this additional charge by connecting directly to all travelers.

Why to choose us?

Himalaya Explorations is based in Shimla and serving tourism and hospitality in Himachal Pradesh for last seven years. Strong ethics and professional tourism services like touring, hotel reservation and packaged tours has been our key business. With a work force that is not only well experienced in what they do, but well qualified to handle the business as well.

  • 24X7 Customer Support and help line.
  • All Himachal Tour packages.
  • Best rates guaranteed for all packages.
  • Our own fleet of transportation vehicles.
  • Our own network of hotels for accommodation
  • 7 plus years of experience in hospitality and tourism.
  • Zero Outsourcing. We take care of all our business and clients ourselves.
  • Best to come Yet.

Feel free to reach us at these phone numbers for any inquiries and general information about tourism in Himachal Pradesh.

About us